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We provide a wide range of services covering all aspects of chimney stack repair and maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients throughout Cardiff.

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Emergency Chimney Repair Cardiff

Chimneys play a very important role in your home, and it is important to keep them functional at all times. Emergency Chimney Repair Cardiff service providers can restore your chimney any time if it has a problem. It is also advisable to work with professional Companies for all your chimney repair and maintenance needs.

Our expert service providers at Roofers in Cardiff will inspect your entire home and help you determine the kind of services you need. You may have to call for Chimney Repair Cardiff or Chimney Cleaning Cardiff, depending on your needs

professional chimney repairs cardiff

Chimney Stack Repairs & Rebuilds Cardiff

Apart from our standard chimney cleaning services, we also provide chimney stack and rebuild services in Cardiff. If you face any kind of Chimney Stack Repairs & Rebuilds Cardiff problems, you can contact us any time. Our experts will diagnose the problem and offer a solution as soon as possible.

Chimney stack repairs can be a difficult task for a homeowner to take on. It’s not like repairing an old door or window that can be done easily with some new fittings and wood putty. Repairs or rebuilds on a chimney stack might necessitate the disassembly of the entire Chimney structure.

It’s not a do-it-yourself project, so don’t try it. The majority of homeowners don’t have the skills or tools required to repair and rebuild their chimney stack correctly. So, don’t be panic it’s would be to call our experienced professionals for any kind of chimney work.

We are working all over the UK, especially in Cardiff to provide our services. All our work is guaranteed and we don’t charge any hidden charges from you. We assure you that you would be satisfied with our work and we will make sure of that.

Why Should You Trust Us for Your Chimney Repairing?

When you are looking for service providers, it is important to be sure you choose the best. Experts provide professional services and use the right materials for longevity. Roofers Cardiff is a professional company that has been serving Cardiff for over 25 years. We are experienced in all roofing service, including new roof installation, gutter repairs, flat roofing and all kinds of roofing work & maintenance. 

We have experienced roofers who will provide you with all roofing needs. We inspect your housetop, determine any repair needs, and repair or replace everything that needs to be replaced. We also schedule maintenance services to ensure your roof and chimneys are in the best condition at all times.


When should I call a chimney repair contractor?

When you notice any of these issues with your chimney, you should not hesitate to call for the right expert to help you keep the flue in the best working condition. We are highly specialized to repair or rebuild any kind of chimney. Feel free to call us to repair your chimney.

  • Masonry Damage
  • Creosote Build-up
  • Obstruction
  • Stained Ceiling or Walls
  • Chimney Crown and Cap Damage
  • Flue damage 
  • Water Leaks and Moisture
  • Presence of Debris 
  • Chimney Odours 
  • Deteriorating Motor Joints

How Can You Avoid Expensive Chimney Repairs?

Your chimney experiences a lot of buttering from the wind, heavy rain and snow. Though a well-built chimney is supposed to serve you for long times, it may suffer damages. But you can still protect your flue to ensure that it serves you for long and to avoid spending lots of money on your chimney. Here are inexpensive maintenance services that can save you from expensive chimney repairs. 

Seal the Chimney Crown and Waterproof the Masonry

Sealing your masonry and crown with waterproof sealant is one of the best ways of maintaining your chimney. It protects it from absorbing water through cracks that can damage the structure through expansion and contraction due to differences in temperatures.

Treating Chimney with Flashing

Flashing is the metal between the roof and the chimney, and it helps to prevent water from precipitation from slipping in between the two structures. When the flashing deteriorates, it results in leaking. You can extend the flashing life by treating it with a waterproof sealant to prevent leaking and extend its life.

Installing a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap plays two important roles. It prevents both animals and precipitation from entering the chimney. It is a metal that covers the chimney opening at the top, and it prevents snow, rain or sleet from falling through the chimney. It contains a wireless round the chimney to make sure critters do not crawl their way into the mouth of the pipe.

Annual Inspection and Cleaning

Your chimney could be damaged or get broken if you do not care for it properly. You should keep your chimney clean for at least one year. If you do not have the right equipment for that job. Chimney Cleaning Company Cardiff has the right tools to use for that job, and hiring them will ensure the proper protection of your chimney.

The Importance of Professional Chimney Repair Contractor for Your House

Hiring a professional chimney company presents you with lots of benefits. An experienced contractor can make your property more aesthetic and more beautiful. So, you should always be careful and conscious while you are hiring any roofers for your property. You can check their customer rereviews and their reputation.


A professional company has the right tools for the job. At the same time, the many years of experience have told them how to handle different chimneys to ensure the best results. The expert will also clean your chimney and inspect it and point out anything that may cause issues shortly.

Fix Your Issues Early

Detecting anything wrong with your chimney before it becomes a problem is another benefit of working with an expert. You will be sure that if your flue or any other part of your chimney has a problem, the expert will not only detect it but will also repair it

Save Money

Although many homeowners think that they spend too much money hiring professionals, it saves you money in the long run. The expert will not only clean but also inspect your chimney. They may see things that you may not have spotted before they damage your chimney. Spotting the problem and carrying out the necessary repairs and maintenance will save you from building another chimney more costly than hiring a professional. 

Hiring professional like Roof Repair Cardiff helps you to get many other services all in one package. You will get roof and chimney inspection and repair services. chimney cleaning services and much more.