How to Stop Gutters Getting Blocked? – 12 Steps for Homeowners

A common issue faced by homeowners who want to maintain the effectiveness of their gutter systems is “how to stop gutters getting blocked.” Gutter importance cannot be overstated because they are essential in preventing water damage to your home.

They help to carry water away from the roof and divert it out of the house, preventing leaks and flooding. They divert water away from the foundation and prevent damage to exterior walls, floors, and landscaping. Unfortunately, gutter systems can get clogged with leaves or other debris which makes them less efficient. 

How to Stop Gutters Getting Blocked

If you don’t take care of them they can quickly become clogged with leaves, debris, dirt, twigs, and other things that get in their way. How do you stop gutters getting blocked? How do you know when it’s time to clean out your gutters? How often should this be done? 

And what steps can homeowners take to stop their gutters from getting blocked in the first place? It is not something that just goes away by itself! This blog post will give 12 steps for homeowners on how to keep their gutters clear so they work correctly.

Regular maintenance

This is the first step that every homeowner takes to keep their gutters always clean. Regularly maintaining your gutter can help you to stop the blockage. You should always keep your eyes on your gutter whether they break or got a leak. This is one of the best ways to keep your home safe from any blockage or leakage.

gutter cleaning and maintenance

If you find any broken parts then it is time to replace them before they give serious damage. This is another important step that everyone overlooks but if you do this task regularly then, without a doubt, you can avoid some unwanted accidents such as water damage due to leakage, etc. Moreover, regular inspection of the gutter for small things such as nails and screws which help in supporting them also makes sure that everything goes smoothly with no problem at all.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional gutter contractor to inspect and clean your gutters on a regular basis. Making sure the gutters are clear and unobstructed by any debris or obstruction is the most crucial aspect of proper maintenance. Regularly performing this task will prevent serious issues like water damage from leaks and other issues from occurring.

Making Sure Everything Is Installed Properly

If your gutter has not been properly installed it can damage so early. You should always hire a professional gutter installer to get it done. It may be costly but worth spending. Even, if you are doing it yourself make sure you did the correct installation otherwise the water will not flow smoothly and start leaking or blockage.

Keep your gutters clean

homeowners cleaning gutters

Well, this is what everyone does at least once in two weeks, right? Keeping your gutters clean seems like an easy task, but if they dirty again after cleaning them then you’re probably doing something wrong. Just performing this weekly task can help prevent many small problems which might occur due to the clogging of dirt into the gutter system that prevents good water drainage. So, don’t forget to perform regular inspections as well as keep those gutters cleared!

Make sure your downspouts are draining and working correctly

cleaned gutter downspouts

If the water from your downspouts is not draining correctly, then you have to check them. You might consider changing the downspout extension or repairing it if needed. Otherwise, you can hire a professional contractor to get this done for you. But before doing so make sure there are no problems with the gutter system as well as its drainage because, by the negligence of these two things, homeowners face massive damage that’s quite unacceptable.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

residential gutter clogged by tree leaves

One of the most common causes of clogging gutters is tree branches. Branches are close to your roof, so they’re more susceptible to getting leaves, seeds, and debris on them. When that happens it’s easy for them to fall into the gutter below. So, if you have trees near your home’s rooftop then make sure their branches are not too close because mostly they are responsible for this blockage. Just keep a watchful eye on whether any branch might be approaching or knocking on your rooftop!

Using Gutter Guards

Gutters guards are one of the best ways to keep your gutters clean. They will stop all sorts of things from getting stuck in there like twigs, bugs, and litter that can easily be found in your backyard.

Installing a gutter guards

If you’re using gutter guards, then make sure they are installed properly and the water easily flows through them without any problem at all. Don’t forget to check your gutters whether there is a problem in their flow or not.

Add a Gutter Leaf Guard or leaf catcher

Adding a leaf guard or leaf catcher for your gutter is one of the best ways to get rid of leaves and other forms of debris. It will stop them from getting into the gutters, which means that your gutters won’t clog either. However, you should always keep in mind that sometimes, these kinds of products can cause more problems than they solve. But if everything seems good and working properly then you can consider adding a leaf catcher.

Install Premium Grade Gutters

You should always install premium-grade gutters instead of traditional ones because the manufacturing process of premium gutters is way better than the traditional ones. The price will be higher but it’s worth spending your money on them. They can be easily cleaned and maintenance won’t be needed very often. So, the balance of money and quality is fair enough!

It’s always better to keep your home secure than regret it after something has gone wrong. Just make sure you’re not facing any kind of damage that you didn’t even expect before. Keep your eyes open for anything unusual with your gutters because sometimes things are not as simple as they seem to be!

premium high quality gutter

If you’re looking to install a premium gutter system on your home you choose one of them from below. But it can be a little bit expensive. But you can assure that they will over decades and give an attractive look to your house.

  • Copper Gutter: Copper gutters are a popular option since they have a lifespan of more than 50 years and are resistant to corrosion. Any home gains a touch of refinement from these gutters’ unusual design.
  • Aluminium Gutter: Aluminum gutters are a popular choice for many homes since they are lightweight, low-maintenance, and simple to paint. Their ability to withstand corrosion and rust only increases their appeal.
  • Stainless Steel Gutter: These are renowned for their toughness and resistance to corrosion and rust. They also offer a sleek, fashionable appearance that can improve a home’s appeal.
  • Seamless Gutter: Made from a single piece of material, seamless gutters are simple to install and maintain and less likely to leak. They are made of several different materials, such as copper and aluminium.

Clean the gutter downspouts

You’re probably doing this on a monthly basis, but if not, you should start now. There are many things that can clog the flow of your gutter’s downspout. So, cleaning them regularly will prevent small problems from becoming major issues.

gutter downspouts cleaning

If they are simply clogged with leaves and debris then you should clean them thoroughly before trying any repairs. However, if there is some physical damage done to your downspouts then you’ll have no choice but to replace them entirely because it might cause more problems later on!

Regular inspections

Performing regular inspections is the best way to keep your gutters clean. It also helps homeowners gain better knowledge of how these products work and how they can be used properly without facing any kind of problem at all. So, it’s very important that you perform inspections regularly by hiring a professional contractor to inspect your home’s product line of guttering systems.

This will help you to avoid significant damage to your property because, if any kind of clogging is seen or something is amiss then it can lead to massive damage that’s quite unacceptable. That’s why inspections are so important!

What to use to unblock the guttering

Use a high-pressure hose. This is probably the simplest way to unblock your gutters and drainpipes, and it’s easy for anyone to do:

  1. Firstly make sure that no one standing below.
  2. Apply a detergent or soap solution to the guttering. This can also be done by using a garden hose with a powered nozzle. The detergent will help to reduce friction and will also break down any fat or grease blocking your drain, so this is definitely worth doing!
  3. Next, you have to use a hose with a lot of power behind it, ideally, a pressure washer but a standard hosepipe will do the trick too.
  4. Aim the high-pressure hose at the clog, and blast it with water. The force of the water can break down any grease/fat that’s blocking your drain, and wash it away. It will also unblock any other debris in the gutter so, again, definitely worth doing!

This process should be repeated until you’ve cleared out

Why not consult with a contractor?

Gutter contractor Inspecting residential gutter

The best option is always to hire a professional contractor to perform the cleaning and inspecting process. It’s always better to hire a professional rather than do it yourself because if you do it incorrectly then you could cause more damage than good. And, sometimes, even though you’ve done everything perfectly but still can’t unblock your gutter drain. So, please, hire a professional contractor to perform the task.


So, these are tips and tricks for preventing gutter blocks. If you’re a homeowner then you now know what to do in case of blockage. And if the worst comes, then you also know how to unblock your gutters yourself instead of wasting time and money on hiring a professional contractor. These tips are very simple but effective! So, follow them closely and avoid spending too much on high-end products because they might not even be needed!

Hope it helps!